Welcome to my website, the purpose of which is to introduce myself and to solicit information on my primary interest in the collecting field, federal law enforcement history, particularly as it pertains to the role that the United States Department of the Treasury has played in the history of federal law enforcement. I am also always looking to purchase or trade for US Department of the Treasury and other federal law enforcement memorabilia to add to my collection and library, and I hope to meet some additional fellow collectors who share this interest. In the BIO Section, you will see my background and covers of several of the books I have published on this subject, including Badges of the United States Marshals, The Centurions Shield - A History of the LAPD, Its Badges and Insignia, and The Encylopedia of Federal Law Enforcement Patches (three volumes).  I am planning two additional books, A history of the United States Department of the Treasury- law enforcement, and a book covering prop badges and identification used in movie and television productions - oriented towards federal agencies, but including some State and local specimens. A portion of my collection has been shown in my column, All Things Federal, that I have been writing for the ‘bible’ of police collectors around the world, Police Collector News, which I urge anyone who is into this field, to subscribe to. I have written this column for over a decade and it is a labor of love. You can reach PCNEWS via email at pcnews@baldwin-telecom.net. It is a bargain at $26 annually. I have thousands of like-minded collectors all over the world in my contact files, and I may be able to assist you with questions you need answered, or contacts you are seeking. A majority of my closest friends have come from the worldwide network of like-minded collectors who are law enforcement collectors. You may find it worth your while to learn more about the hobby, and obtain some good contacts yourself. I hope that you do. Thank you for taking the time to check out the website.  Please spend some time looking through the various sections of this site, and contact me should you have any questions, or suggestions on how I can better serve our field. Sincerely, Raymond Sherrard